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Select / Book Your Intensive Driving Course Bristol, Bath

See below to select your course and click the link to book:-

Be honest and realistic in your self assessment of your current driving skills to enable you to select the correct course. Being over confident about your skill level can lead to you not being ready in time for your test .(Contact us for advice if you are unsure about your intensive driving course selection)

Driving course cars are MANUAL GEARS - FREE use for test time

intensive driving course bath

20 Hour Intensive Driving Course in Bristol / Bath

£570 (5 days)


You should have about reached test standard with training from a qualified instructor (having done at least 20 hours) and need to recap generally and you may need to work on some specific areas such as manoeuvres.

This intensive driving course would suit someone who had training perhaps some months ago but did not go for the driving test.


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30 Hour Intensive Driving Course in Bristol /Bath

£790 (5 - 7 days)


Our most popular intensive driving course. The course we often advised for those who have done a number of hours previous training with a qualified instructor (at least 10-15 hours) and are confident with car control, especially steering and clutch and perhaps not too confident with busier roads and roundabouts.
You will probably not have reached test standard with previous lessons


fast track driving lessons

40 Hour Intensive Driving Course in Bristol / Bath

£990 (8 - 10 Days)


Usually the popular choice of intensive driving course if you are a beginner and have taken no previous professional training or have only a small amount of experience with clutch and steering control.

This course is a more comprehensive training format for those who have perhaps only had a couple of previous lessons or practice with a family member


bath intensive driving course

48 Hour Intensive Driving Course in Bristol / Bath

£1140 (10 - 14 days)


The choice of intensive driving course if you are a beginner and have taken no previous training with an instructor or have only a small amount of experience of clutch and steering control.
A full training format.

Best selection if you are feeling somewhat nervous or simply wish more practice time to consolidate your learning


Driving Course Guidance

The content of the various Bristol courses is designed to fit with the individual candidates experience and ability.

It is important that you consider your current driving ability (where appropriate) very carefully. Please do not over estimate your existing skill level when selecting your intensive driving course in Bristol. If you require any guidance, please contact us for advice before making your course booking using the CONTACT US page on the main menu. Your success depends upon your honesty and your commitment to study the supplied materials.

What to Bring To Your Training Course

Your provisional driving licence

A drink (water is best)

A light snack (perhaps a sandwich / fruit)

Wear light comfortable shoes to assist good clutch control (high heels / heavy boots are not advised and may make control more difficult)