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FAQs - Intensive Driving Lessons / Course Bath Bristol

Can I book my intensive driving course Bristol before passing my theory? - Yes indeed, provided sufficient time is allowed to pass the theory test. We can reserve dates well in advance for you. Please ask for advice before booking

Do you really pay a second test fee for me if I am unsuccessful with my first test? - Absolutely Yes, on 40 & 48 hour courss *

Where will you collect me for my intensive course?We will usually collect you from home

Can my theory and driving test and training be done in 1 week? - Very Unlikely, do not believe suggestions from some companies who offer this guarantee. You cannot book your driving test at your preferred test centre until you have your theory pass number. Check out waiting times for yourself! Don't be disappointed and find you are waiting for a cancellation date to be found some weeks later!

Do you guarantee I will pass first time? - No, Our first time pass rate over the last 12 months was almost 80% but ultimately it is down to what you do on the test.

Do you confirm my test date will be at the completion of my training course? - Yes, we plan tests for the final course day

Does a 40 hour intensive driving course mean 40 hours in the training car? - Definitely yes with us. Some companies do part of the time in a class room. You really need as much time as possible in the car to become a competent driver.

Do you train just me in the car? - Yes, all our courses are 1 to 1 in car sessions with your instructor

Do the sessions need to be during the day? - Yes, ideally. You need to gain experience of realistic driving and traffic conditions you will encounter at your test

Is it true that you expect me to do some study at home? - Yes, we supply supporting notes for a number of topics and you are advised to spend some time reading and learning this material to assist your training process

Do I need to take time off work to do this course? - This is the best way. Learning to drive and spending several hours in the car can be a tiring process. Time invested in the course will ensure a better chance of passing first time


(* does not apply to extended tests)